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Seamless Stamps – Sandstone, Slate, and Granite Products

In addition to beautiful interlocking stamps, Prairie Concrete Products of Saskatoon also has a range of seamless stamps available! Seamless applications are simple, beautiful, and clean up much easier due to its grout-less nature. They are available for patios, interior floors, walkways, and more. Read through our comprehensive list of seamless stamps below! Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about these products.

Coarse Sandstone

course-sandstoneCoarse Sandstone offers a minimalistic and elegant look. As a common building material, this seamless stamp is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Italian Slate

italian-slate-live-reduced-sizeItalian Slate is best known for its unique pattern and texture. This seamless stamp is a timeless option for a number of applications.

Old Granite

old-graniteGranite is formed by the cooling of magma within the Earth’s crust. The natural tones, texture, and aged characteristics offer a unique look to any space.

Roman Slate

roman-slateRoman Slate was inspired by Caesar and continues to be unmatched in the concrete industry. Available in a seamless application, Roman Slate offers a variety of beautiful colours and textures.

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