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Interlocking Stamps – Flagstone, Slate, and Stone Products

We have a wide variety of interlocking stamps available that feature beautiful, natural patterns that are suitable for a number of applications. Contact us at Prairie Concrete Products in Saskatoon if you have any questions about the stamps below!

Arizona Flagstone

arizona-flagstoneThese interlocking stamps are created with grains of quartz and cemented with silica. You may see clay, mica, gypsum, and calcite in Arizona Flagstone as well. This offers a unique, elegant touch to your paving.

Ashlar New England Slate

ashler-slate-brickformFor a beautiful, natural look, consider Ashlar New England Slate. With a range of colours available, you have many options for a durable and authentic stone look.

Canyon Stone

canyon-stone-interlockingCanyon Stone manufactures classic stone veneer for a range of applications. These stone stamps can be used around fireplaces, patios, entryways, and so much more.

Castle Stone

castlestoneCastle Stone features elegant character and a durable finish. The stones are tightly-packed, which offers a unique look and ultimate strength.

Cut Stone

The Cut Stone we offer comes in a wide array of colours and quarried material, which includes granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, and more.

Cut Stone Cobblestone

Cobblestone adds a rustic look and feel to any area. Cut Stone Cobblestone comes in a variety of sizes and colours for you to choose from.

English Ashlar

english-yorkstoneEnglish Ashlar features a heavily textured surface that adds to the character of your environment. These stamps mimic masonry work dating back to the 12th century!

Fractured Cyprus Slate

Cyprus slate

Rotating Ashlar Blue Stone

rotating_ashlar-bluestone-interlockingThe Rotating Ashlar Blue Stone features the classic Ashlar pattern with a blue stone textured background for added style.

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